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Varisia – Wilderness of Unknown Dangers and Lost Secrets

The Varissian empire was lost centuries ago, with Starfall smashing the kingdom of magic into what is now the Varissian Gulf, and leaving behind immense ruins and tumbled monuments to an unknown ancient glory. Risen from this lost empire is a region of barbarian tribes, cloistered scholars, wandering scoundrels, and a landscape that has defied domination by several empires.

Into this backdrop walks a group of heroes, some motivated by a desire to uncover lost secrets, some to spread the light of Truth and Justice, and some just to spread their purse-strings.

They come together in Sandpoint, a frontier town on the coast of the Varissian gulf, a bastion of civility among the ruins. Known for tolerance and patience, as well as a piety that comes from being a melting pot between ancient barbarian people and the Settlers who arrived some 50 years ago, Sandpoint is the seat of a new Cathedral, a towering edifice of stone and glass… and its just BEGGING for a Goblin to burn it down.

Home Page

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