Relic of Desna, bound to Lord Otto von Berengar

weapon (melee)

Currently awakened to level 6:

Relic Ability, by level

  1. Masterwork Cold Iron bastard sword, that counts as Magic and Cold Iron for the purposes of overcoming DR
  2. +1 Competence bonus on Diplomacy rolls while Starfall is at least carried
  3. +1 sacred bonus against Spells and Spell-like abilities. Starfall now counts as Cold Iron or Silver for overcoming DR.
  4. Starfall now count as cold iron, silver, magic, and Adamantine for purposes of overcoming DR.
  5. +1 weapon
  6. +2 competence bonus on Diplomacy checks while Starfall is at least carried.

Starfall is a Bastard sword of extraordinary design, forged from what looks to be a single piece of violet steel with flecks of silver that seem to twinkle like the night sky when they catch the light. The grip is wrapped in alternating bands of black and auburn leather of unknown source, and the pommel is capped with a crescent moon.

In the hands of one to whom the blade is sanctified, and whom is willing to dedicate the time and effort required to unlock its subtle energies, Starfall becomes a weapon of extreme power, protecting the wielder from interfering magic as well as buoying both the flesh and spirit to continue onward…


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