Rise of the Runelords

Chapter One - The first step out the door...

the Beginning is not always the start.

What is there to say about first chapters? From the road to the north arrived Izenbad the Inscrutable with his Owl dozing calmly on his shoulder, accompanied by Thrlond Foehammer, a Dwarf whose calm demeanor stands in stark contract to his Earthbreaker hammer and subtly foreboding mask of leather and bone. From the Southern road came Lord Otto von Berengar, Paladin of the North, wielder of Starfall, scion of Dreams, and all-around awesome guy, with his stalwart traveling companion, Tor Lun, the draconic Monk, possessed of indomitable will, fists of Iron, breath of flame, and charm of a dead fish.

Drawn to the newly completed cathedral, the two pairs of wandering adventurers soon picked each other from the crowds gathering near the Cathedral, as they set up for the festival of the Swallowtail Release, due the next day to consecrate the new house of Worship. After spending the afternoon learing what they could of local history, and the details of “the recent unpleasantness,” the pair of pairs returned to the Rusty Dragon, where Otto’s skill and charm as a storyteller drew crowds that would make the local Theatre owner more than a little envious.

The following day was laden with food, drink, and beauty as the thousands of Swallowtail Butterflies – the Children of Desna – were released to the limitless joy of children and adult alike. In an act of kindness that earned him many admirers among the gathered children of Sandpoint, the monstrous monk gathered many of the butterflies and brought them to the delighted children, snatching them from the air over the heads of the assembled townsfolk without bending a single wing, delivering them back to the children who once again proved that they were only capable of catching colds.

Just as the Preist was about to begin the consecration, however, the day took a turn for the perilous, as goblins suddenly streamed into the plaza, swinging wildly at man and beast alike, pursuing children and the infirm with a sadistic glee. Though at least one child fell victim to a goblin’s Dogslicer despite Tor’s best efforts, they were not anticipating a group of valiant warriors to be present, and fell quickly, despite clearly being somehow augmented by a mystic force as yet undiscovered.

As the session closed, Izenbad’s quick aerial reconnaissance showed without a doubt that the attack was not just in the plaza, and while the bulk of Sandpoint was gathered at the Cathedral, the sounds of conflict echoed through the late afternoon air…



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