Rise of the Runelords

Chapter 7 - Wax, Demons, and Wrathspawn, oh my...

The battle goes poorly... for the badguys

As the session began, the battle against the Quasit Elerium had begun, with her being backed up by a Wax golem and a summoned Wrathspawn. Taking the offensive, the party had the upper hand until they were scattered by a Fear effect, then blinded by a Deeper Darkness. Sadly, Elerium’s summoned creatures turned out to be largely moot, once her Shield Guardian and Wrathspawn were dispatched, a simple Protection from Evil wand prevented summoned monsters from being effective. Having said that, it was only a timely lay-on-hands that managed to keep Lord Otto among the living after being tail-slapped by a Fiendish Dire Crocodile (I missed with that bite attack, darn it!).

So largely toothless, it was only a matter of time before the Quasit witch was caught and dispatched with much stank. Looking at her broken (and not vanished back to her home plane) body, an amulet was discovered, with a work in Thassalonian etched into its back, a word that, translated by Izenbad, means both “within” or “Inside” such as a chest or other container, but also meaning “other” or “separate” …

As the credits roll for the end of the Episode, the camera lingers on the bubbling red fluid at the head of the Cathedral-like chamber, silently and menacingly emitting its frigid effervescence…

Loot and XP

  • Defeated enemies: Elyrium, Wax Golem Shield Guardian, Wrathspawn = CR7 + 5 + 5 = 6400xp
  • 6400/3 = 2,133XP each
  • No loot for this session… but you haven’t seen much of the Catacombs.



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