Rise of the Runelords

Chapter 6 - Turning Right

The descent into the Catacombs leads precisely where it should.

Freed and mourning the death of her estranged half-brother and Father, Amiko left the Heroes of Sandpoint as they strode with determination down the smuggler’s tunnel that was uncovered beneath the Glassworks.

There, they found a cave in the cliffs below Sandpoint, looking out over the Varisian Gulf, which had clearly been used as a staging camp for goblins, from which a number of additional tunnels extended. After some exploration, they discovered one that had at some point been bricked up, but was now excavated. Following it, they soon encountered the Catacombs that had been eluded to in Tsuto’s journals, as well as their inhabitants – Wrathspawn.

Aberrant creatures with deep ties to rage and hatred, the Wrathspawn sentry they encountered was mighty, but did not last long. Proceeding into the catacombs – evidently centuries old and of Thassalonian origin (perhaps, wondered Izenbad, associated with the “Old Lighthouse” that rose over Sandpoint?), the party did what any experienced party does when confronted with what might be a labyrinthine bit of spelunking. They picked one direction, and kept following it.

Unbeknownst to them, this “right turn” strategy led them directly into the Cathedral (shortly after overcoming a trap that had seriously dire gastronomic repercussions), where they encountered one extremely angry Quasit Witch, her oddly low-affect and bland barmaid companion, and another Wrathspawn summoned, as they watched, from a rune-encrusted dais of bubbling, steaming, frigidly cold liquid.

If one could be summoned so quickly, how many more could be created if this creature was left to her devices?

It was a question that the Heroes were not willing to contemplate, and they leapt into action, charging across the cathedral and catching Elerium in a devastating pincer maneuver. As we closed the session, Izenbad had stunned the demon with an Ear-Piercing-Scream, while Tor Lun and Otto engaged their foes close up…

XP and Loot:

The session was unfortunately cut short, so XP output was very low… 2400XP total, divided three ways is 800XP each

No loot was in the offing besides a large ranseur and some extremely nasty water, both of which were left behind.



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