Rise of the Runelords

Chapter 5 - Hate, Family, and Molten Glass

The Kaijitsu family reunion goes horribly wrong.

Bursting into the Glasswork’s workshop reveals a number of things… First and foremost the 9 goblins (including a Warchanter and two commandos) gleefully violating the bodies of everyone who worked there, pouring molten glass on their corpses and putting red-hot pokers and tongs in places that make a strong man squirm. Second, the smirking face of the Half-elf brother of Amiko, Tsuto Kaijitsu, evidently the mastermind behind this scene of vile debauchery. Third, the body of Amiko and Tsuto’s father, tied to a chair and evidently killed by having various colors of molten glass poured over his head, face, and body – a “work of art” that the goblins were gleefully imitating.

Launching into battle, the party drove into the goblins, hoping to press the advantage on Tsuto, but his skills were far greater than they anticipated, and until circumvented by a well-timed glitterdust spell, the Half-elf Ninja\Monk was a difficult foe, poisoning Izenbad with drow sleep poison, and weakening Tor with Centipede poison, which made the four goblins who hemmed him in a dangerous situation. As usual, any Goblin who Thrlond faced off with died almost immediately, and Otto’s judicious use of healing kept everyone in the mix, though Tor was taken down by the Goblins he faced. Once Glittter-dusted, however, Tsuto’s hit-and-run tactics fell by the wayside, and he tried to use a false opening to render Otto flat-footed so as to get a full round of sneak-attack against him. However, being flat-footed did not reduce the metal-wrapped Paladin’s defenses a jot, and all Tsuto managed to do was bounce more arrows off his foe harmlessly. Realizing his error, and having taken a brutal hit for the trouble, he attempted to flee, but was laid low before he reached his escape.

Searching his belongings while the goblin corpses were thrown into the furnace, an important clue was uncovered, Tsuto’s journal. Detailing the plans behind the attack on Sandpoint, as well as foreshadowing a far larger attack, the journal also revealed the mastermind behind the entire plot — the presumed dead daughter of Father Tobyn, the Asimar Nualia, who was taking steps to remove her celestial “taint” and replace it with the blessing of her “mother,” Lamashtu the Mother of Monsters.

The Attack that was planned for the future, the journal indicated, was to be a pyre of offering to Lamashtu, aided by the Quasit and her freaks below the town. This bit of news alarmed the party more than a little, and they headed into the basement below the Glassworks, both to hopefully find Amiko, and to investigate this mention of freaks below the city. The did manage to find Amiko, badly beaten and bloody but alive. Once healed, she was informed with as much tact as Otto could muster of the demise of her brother and father, news that she took as stoically as she could. Departing to gather townsfolk so as to take care of the bodies in the Workshop, Amiko told the party that as a thank you, they could stay in the Rusty Dragon for as long as they wanted, whenever they wanted, for free.

Poisoned, somewhat weary, but spurred on by the dire implications of Tsuto’s journal, the Party set forth down the Smuggler’s tunnels that they uncovered in the basement, into dangers and trials unknown…

XP and Loot

This was a real barn-burner of a session, and it was a real turing point for the story, and the party.

XP: 11,890 total, so 2,973 each (rounded up). Anyone Ping?

Loot: This is the sum total of the loot salvageable from the goblins, as well as Tsuto(who was fairly well-equipped). I am and have been, assuming that you guys are managing your own loot and resources…

  • coinage: 26pp, 309gp, 200sp, 700cp
  • gems: 383gp in various types of semi-precious gems
  • Mithral chain shirt
  • + 1 composite (+ 2 Str) Longbow
  • Amulet of Natural Armor + 1
  • Masterwork Temple Sword
  • poisoned arrows: 1x Giant Wasp venom, 2x Large Scorpion venom
  • Potions: Daylight, Levitate
  • Scrolls: Darkvision, Tiny Hut



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