Rise of the Runelords

Chapter 4 - Goblins, Boars, and Family Drama

Some days are just better than others...

the session began with a slight bit of Retcon, wherein Thrlond was asked to handle the grim duty of dispatching a goblin who had evidently been trapped in a boy’s closet for the days after the Attack and whom, after having been driven mad by hunger and fear, had eaten his colleagues and then finally turned on the boy.

Though the boy’s Father and Dog did not survive the encounter, neither did the Closet Goblin, though it took far more punishment than any goblin the Grizzled Dwarf had previously seen. In fact, it took three (or four?) solid thumps with the Earthbreaker before it stopped trying to chew on him.

Fast forward a day or two, to the Boar Hunt that had been mentioned in Chapter 3. Making their way to the Tickwood, Thrlond, Eisenbad, Tor, and Otto all accompanied Foxglove on what turned out to be a remarkably successful Boar hunt. One boar was run down by the paladin, while two were messily dispatched by Thrlond, and Eisenbad, in a show of utterly shocking prowess, bagged the last of the four. Sadly, only one of the two killed by Thrlond was edible, the other having been killed due do massive organ trauma, still three boars was more than enough for Amiko to feed a large contingent back at the Rusty Dragon.

On the journey to and from the Hunt, the conversation with Foxglove, which began pleasantly enough at first – amusing takes of life in the big city of Magnimar – slowly became something else, as it became clear that the Merchant was something of a “Number 1 fan!” of the party, most specifically of those of the more martial persuasion. By the end of the hunt, as gracious and charming a host as Foxglove is, it was a relief to part ways.

However, while Amiko was busy getting the evening’s meal ready, her father, the last remaining patron of the original settlers of Sandpoint, owner of the Glassworks, and arguably the wealthiest and most powerful of the town’s citizens, stormed into the Rusty Dragon, intent on dragging his daughter with him back to Maginmar. On seeing the Party, he launched on a blistering tirade, accusing them of causing trouble, attracting the Goblins with their foolhardy heroics, and being nothing more than mercenary thugs. Otto tried to smooth his feathers, but he was having nothing of it, and when he tried to forcibly remove Amiko, grabbing her by the hair, she floored him with a dirty ladle.

“You are as dead to me as your Mother.” were the last words he spoke as he stormed out, soup dripping from his hair and clothes. This pronouncement seemed to bring forth not more than a resigned sense of disdain from the former adventurer, and she returned to her work, to the applause of those assembled in her Tavern.

The following day, the party was called into a meeting with Sheriff Hemlock, Mayor Deverin, and a friendly Elven Ranger named Shalelu, who had been monitoring the activities of the local Goblin tribes, and discovered some frightening things. Not only were the goblins of the local tribes far more active than usual, they were acting in Concert, and with tactics far out of place for them. Were it not for the Party, she was certain, the Attack on Sandpoint would have been a massacre. She had come to warn The Mayor and the Sheriff of the threat that this posed, and they were taking it quite seriously. Sheriff Hemlock was planning on leaving that very day with a group of the Town Guard to Magnimar to ask for troops to assist in the town’s defense, assuming that the threat of Goblin attack was greater now than previously. As a favor, he asked that while they were gone, if he could count on Otto and the others to make a strong public showing, to shore up the confidence in the public that they were safe while he was gone. The party readily agreed.

The day passed calmly enough, but the next morning, the party was approached very early by Bethana Corwin, an elderly halfling woman who worked as Amiko’s housekeeper. Normally a timid little thing, she was clearly concerned and flustered by a note she found in Amiko’s chamber, and the fact that he bed had been unused the previous night. The note, which she translated from Minkaian, was from Amiko’s half-elf brother, who had been disowned and banished years ago, asking her to meet him in the glassworks. On investigation, the party found the Glassworks operational (smoke rising from its furnace chimney) but the drapes drawn… making his way to the roof, and looking down through the skylight, Tor surveyed a gruesome scene… The works were operation, all right, but the operators were goblins, and they had evidently brutally murdered the employees, their bodies littering the foundry floor.

We ended the session just as the party was about to charge into the workshop….

Treasure and XP

No loot for this session, and while there was definitive story progress, nothing notable in terms of combat… everyone take 400xp.



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