Rise of the Runelords

Chapter 2 - Gobber the Great, and Aldern Foxglove

Our heroes rally to the defense of Sandpoint

As revealed by Izenbad, the fighting had broken out in a number of places across Sandpoint, though of most immediate concern was the small horde of Goblins that had somehow snuck back behind the buildings that bordered the Festival, and had lit the fuel for the bonfire in its cart. Pushing the cart was a massive, bloated goblin, easily over 8 feet tall, around whom other goblins capered madly, chanting “Gobber the Great! Gobber the Great!”

Lashed into a frenzy by their love for fire, Gobber’s presence, and the persistent encouragement of a Goblin Warchanter, the group tried to get to the new Cathedral, intent on burning it to the ground. Thankfully, they met a shockingly more martial Thrlond and Izenbad (and his suddenly appearing pit) on one flank, and the other party members on the other. Otto made quick work of Gobber, though he almost caught a mouth-full of burning branches for his trouble. Meanwhile, the fleeing Warchanter proved to be unable to outrun Tor, and fell to the Dragonborn’s fists.

But more danger was afoot, a large, foul-smelling foot at that, and the Heroes of Sandpoint charged north to the gates near the White Deer, where a pack of goblins had overpowered the guards who were stationed there! Engaging the beasts, they rescued Aldern Foxglove (a local merchant with seeming noble ties) from a large band of Goblins, including a Warchanter and two mounted Commandos. Brought nearly to his knees by the strain of the fight, Otto’s faith buoyed him, and he persevered, protecting Foxglove while the others engaged the remaining raiders. In a scant few moments of blood, steel, and magic (including a well-placed Rain of Frogs), it was over, and the vicious little knee-biters were routed or dead.

Once he recovered from the ordeal, Aldern showered the heroes with praise for their prowess as warriors, honor, and piety (in the case of Otto). He then informed them that he was staying at the Rusty Dragon, and while he had some business to finish up, he was most willing to reward the heroes for saving his hide. What good were riches, he confided, if one is carried off in a Goblin’s belly and unable to spend them?

  • The Initial Assault – 2300xp
  • Goblin Pyros and Gobber the Great – 2600xp
  • Die, dog Die! – 3900xp
Total: 8700xp, 2175xp each.



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